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Craig Muster

Speaker, Worship Leader, Coach

Being raised in the midst of the Jesus Movement and Charismatic Renewal, Craig formed a deep passion for the presence and the Truth of God.  As a 3rd Generational Minister, he inherited much at a young age. His life has truly been defined by the love of Father God, the Truth of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Craig has a desire to be a great steward of what’s been given to him while simultaneously paying the price for increase.  This focus drives him to both love the individual well and develop leaders who will change their world through the Truth, Power and Love of God. Craig’s anchor has always been the presence of God. He believes every leader’s true calling is to lead people into God’s presence and then disciple them in how to stay there. This colors everything he does.


 Craig planted and served as Senior Pastor of Awakening International Training and Reformation Center for 14 years.  This amazing experience gave him an even deeper love for the local church and pastors/leaders.


He is now an international conference speaker, song writer, worship leader and Executive and Team Business Coach, who, in each of these spheres, has seen the power, truth and love of God radically transform lives through healing, deliverance, discipleship and supernatural encounters.


With a strong emphasis in ministering to leaders and a desire to see people developed to their full potential, his passion is to see the Church become fully alive in Christ, transforming and discipline nations with the reality of His Kingdom.


 Craig also serves as Director of KBA (Kingdom Business Association) and Director of San Diego’s AIR (Academy of Influence and Reformation). 


Craig is madly in love with his wife, Karlet and his true joy in life is spending time with his children Bella, Sophia and Moses.

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Karlet Muster

Speaker, Worship Leader, Coach

Karlet Muster was born in Mexico City, got saved when she was six, and became a pastor’s kid when she was 10. Her experience in the church led her through seasons of wrestling and asking questions about the truth of the Christian Faith. God has taken her on a journey of discovery that has allowed her to experience the validity of the truth claims Jesus makes in the Bible. She has been saved, healed, delivered, and set free by the love, truth, and power of God, and her life is dedicated to helping others discover His fullness of life. She is a life-long learner and is currently enrolled in the Science and Religion Masters program at Biola University.  

She loves her husband and three children, they are her greatest joy and her first calling. Added to this, she serves as Senior Pastor at Awakening International Church and as Assistant Director of Awakening International Training and Reformation Center. Her passion in life is to see Jesus get His full reward. She loves Him, His mission, His ways, His Word, His church—His people. 

In addition, She is an international conference speaker and loves to teach on a wide range of subjects including apologetics, wisdom for life, and the power of the Holy Spirit. In this pursuit, she has had the amazing privilege of co-laboring with Jesus to see people healed of cancer, deafness, migraines, see them come out of wheelchairs, set free from addictions, delivered from bondage, and to see marriages and families restored to wholeness. 

“I have one compelling focus: I forget all of the past as I fasten my heart to the future instead. I run straight for the divine invitation of reaching the heavenly goal…” Phil.3:13-14

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